The Future of RISE Blockchain

We’re very excited to be able to share with you the future direction of the RISE blockchain.  Over the next few months RISE will begin upgrading its blockchain to one that will provide the community with a way to vote, contribute, develop and achieve milestones that they want to see. 

Self Governed 


To offer this total freedom, RISE will morph into a completely self governed blockchain, the community will have the power to choose direction. The community has perhaps been RISE’s strongest asset to date and we must leverage this strength and entice new developers and contributors to our project and encourage the maximum creativity possible.


It was always the original goal to provide the tools for our community to have what they need to build and be creative on the RISE blockchain and now, finally, we get to make that possible.


Making a Change


On the strong advice of our lead RISE blockchain developer, RISE will be leaving behind it’s aging codebase and will undergo an entire upgrade to a much more solid, secure, thoroughly tested, better performing and well funded environment. The exact technical details of the custom tailored codebase will be revealed in phase 2 of our announcement.

We will be leveraging a more advanced blockchain and benefiting from its growing and well documented knowledge base that far outweighs the development output that we have ever been able to achieve on our budget and with our team of developers so far.


A Brighter and More Certain Future


RISE community, it’s time to get with the times and embrace newer, faster and better blockchain technologies as opposed to trying to keep up with them. It’s time for us to show these major projects that we have one of the best communities and we can pool our talents together to make the most of our project. We do this by simply working on the developments and initiatives that we elect via our own community driven bounties.

We will be working with seasoned and professional development teams to get “Self-Governed-RISE” up and running entirely on its own chain. This will create a win-win environment for us, one in which we reap the rewards of their coding contributions and in turn we will be free to develop real world solutions, improvements for our blockchain and whatever else we choose via community voted bounty initiatives.

In November, Project Phoenix Phase 2 will contain full technical details of the RISE self-governed-blockchain.

It’s coming.

Self-Governed, Self-Incentivized

The Future of RISE Blockchain