Introducing VeriTise

September 30, 2020 – Paris, France

VeriTise is a French based Corporation that is launching a new blockchain based project with the same name to position itself to take advantage of the tremendous growth in the global track & trace market. This market is projected to more than triple in value over the next seven years. VeriTise wants to make these services available as an affordable solution for small and medium sized businesses (SME) as well as powerful and scalable enough to cater to big enterprises.

VeriTise technology at its core provides verification, identification, data collection and analysis services for companies and individuals. Central to these functionalities is the VeriTise blockchain for its ability to transact and store data securely and immutably. Central database systems and cloud storage are used to store, download and analyse data. In addition VeriTise offers BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) subscription based services through its website as well as mobile applications and custom software.

VeriTise invented a verification method on the blockchain that works securely without the need for RFID chips. This secure chip-less verification technology is currently undergoing a patent application. Our chip-less solution makes verification services more affordable compared to RFID solutions. VeriTise can however still offer the option to use RFID chips for those businesses who absolutely require them.


Use Cases


Important general uses are product verification and authenticity, human identification and authorization, consumer data collection and data analysis through machine learning. The amount of use cases is staggering and therefore VeriTise reaches deeply into a vast market. We have positioned ourselves with the potential for rapid growth over the coming years.


General examples of use cases


 Verification and authenticity checks of products

    • Anti-counterfeiting
    • Brand protection 
    • Ownership Transfers
    • Instant Up to Date Product Information

Human Identification

      • Secure access for humans to enter buildings and restricted areas
      • Secure Digital Signatures
      • Event management / Backstage
      • Employee Log Tracking
      • Fast Hotel Check-ins
      • Verify if someone truly works for a certain company or organization
      • Sales Agent verification
      • Online Vendor verification
      • Genuine Charity solicitation
      • Curriculum Vitae Verification with verified references
      • Trusted Reviews 

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Instant registration of product warranty after purchase
  • Surveys and Client Feedback
  • Regression Analysis on collected data sets 
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Loyalty points / Reward points
  • Targeted customer discounts
  • Customer purchase tracking and profile building
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Improve customer support


Specific examples in Various Industries


 VeriTise services add value to an extremely wide spectrum of industries. Below we mention a few of them with specific examples just to illustrate how immense in size the market is that VeriTise will be able to cater to.


Food & Beverage Industry


VeriTise provides consumers with the guarantee that food products and beverages certified by VeriTise have certain important properties. It can confirm for instance whether the ingredients are truly organically sourced, who the suppliers of the ingredients are, if the expiration date on the label has been tampered with, if the product is from the original manufacturer, and the list goes on.

Car Industry


VeriTise makes it easy for tire shops and car repair shops to trace and identify car tires throughout their lifecycle. A VeriTise QR code can be lasered straight onto the tire for maximum durability. Car tire manufacturers can employ QR codes as a means of assuring traceability and reducing the impact of product recalls. Commercial fleet managers can use laser markings to organize inventory, track usage and prevent theft. End-users can retrieve valuable technical and commercial information about their tire specs and suitable replacements or quickly enter online marketplaces for replacements or to sell used tires. The same technology can be applied to car parts which opens up a huge market for VeriTise.

Pharmaceutical Industry


Drug safety in today’s pharmaceutical industry is a growing concern and can impact the lives of patients dramatically, both positively and negatively. End-users as well as doctors and pharmacists often do not have an indisputable way to verify whether the medicines they use and prescribe are genuine or counterfeit and whether they contain the ingredients stated on the packaging. VeriTise services can protect people’s health by ensuring the pharmaceutical product is genuine, free of contaminants and safe to use.

Clothing Industry


VeriTise enables clothing brands to guarantee authenticity of their products to consumers. The consumers scans the VeriTise code and receives immediate product details and proof of authenticity. In addition, after consumers scan the product VeriTise immediately offers the option to consumers to submit personal information to the manufacturer for the purpose of subscribing to the email list, to receive special discount coupons, collect loyalty points and so on. VeriTise helps manufacturers to collect valuable data about their customer base, maintain customer retention and increase consumer engagement with the brand.

Electronics Industry


In the industrial mechanical electronics industry inferior electronics parts are a big problem that can have serious consequences. VeriTise can offer a cost-effective solution to deliver an ensure that you get genuine electronic parts.  Inferior counterfeit parts installed in larger systems such as a production line can lead to malfunctions or breakdowns that can lead to significant financial harm through several hours or days’ worth of unplanned downtime. In the consumer electronics industry VeriTise ensures authenticity and quality of products to consumers as well as an easy and fast way to register the warranty on your purchased product.

 Wine Industry


In China it was estimated by Forbes that 50% of all wines exceeding $35 were counterfeits. VeriTise technology can provide wine manufacturers a way to inform consumers if they are buying a genuine bottle of wine or not. VeriTise will allow a consumer to check if their wine is genuine with just one scan from their mobile device. We will contact wine manufacturers across the globe and work with them to include VeriTise QR codes on their wine labels to help them solve the counterfeit problems especially in the Chinese markets. At the same time we will provide them with helpful consumer data information.

Jewelry Industry


In 2017, the cost of seized counterfeit jewelry and watches was $460,162,145 in the USA only. The amount of counterfeit jewelry across the globe is astonishing. VeriTise will contact jewelry manufacturers and provide them with eloquent solutions that allow the consumer to scan and register the jewelry or watch and register it to their own VeriTise account. The consumer benefits from two things, he or she has re-assurance that they’ve bought a genuine item and also, he or she can then transfer ownership to a new owner should she decide to resell the jewelry or watch. This will greatly inspire confidence in the secondhand market.


Human Identification Industry


With VeriTise we can provide very fast and efficient personal identification systems. A users photographic identity can be scanned onto our software and we can provide a QR code that links to it. We can attach all kinds of data to this as well. With a scan an event organiser can check the clearance level of the card holder and see if it is indeed the actual person. We can use VeriTise identification technology on event passes and even business cards. We can also use it to allow for fast account creation without the need to scan and send paperwork.

The new VeriTise Blockchain and its Native Token (“VTS”)

VTS is the official ticker name for VeriTise Tokens. VTS tokens are utility tokens which are necessary to access many vital services that VeriTise offers. Holders of VTS tokens can use them directly to:

  • Process verification services for companies, products and individuals
  • Create digital identities on the blockchain
  • Collect customer data
  • Analyse collected data with machine learning tools
  • Transfer ownership of physical items or virtual goods
  • Store data on the blockchain as well as off-chain 

VeriTise Private & Public Token Sale 


VeriTise will raise funds to achieve its goals by selling VeriTise (VTS) tokens to private and public investors. The total supply of VTS tokens is 300 Million. VeriTise is currently in the middle of the Private Sale phase and is selling up to 100 Million VTS tokens to private investors. The Public Token Sale will start in December of 2020 for which 100 Million VTS tokens are allocated. The sale will be handled by the VeriTise Token Sale Platform. Potential VTS token buyers will be required to pass a AML/KYC screening to qualify.

VTS Token Supply Allocation

Private Investors: 100M
Public Investors: 100M
RISE Holders:   up to 60M (unclaimed VTS remains property of VeriTise Corp) 
VeriTise Corp: 40M

The VeriTise Public Token Sale is structured into 10 rounds. Each round has an allocation of 10M VTS. When a round sells out, the next round commences with a higher price and the process repeats itself. The sale is open ended until all tokens are sold. However, buyers do not need to wait until the end of the Public Sale before they receive their tokens. Instead, purchased tokens will be released to buyers once every 3 months after the start of Public sale.

Unique Benefit for RISE Token Holders 

RISE holders will be given the unique opportunity to claim free VTS tokens at a ratio of 3 RISE to 1 VTS. It is important to note that RISE holders do not need to swap any of their RISE tokens for VTS. RISE tokens holders will keep all of their RISE tokens while at the same time still receive free VTS.  The claiming process will legally require an AML/KYC process. 

How To Claim VTS as a RISE Token Holder 

To claim VTS as a RISE token holder simply log into the VeriTise Token Sale Platform and click on the “Claim VTS” page. On this page RISE token holders register the wallet addresses where their RISE is stored. Rightful control and ownership of each RISE wallet will be checked and validated.  At the end of the Public Token Sale (either after all VTS tokens are sold or after no more sizable investment has taken place for 1 month) each RISE token holder will be given their VTS tokens and they will be able to withdraw them from the Platform.